Ep. 18: Week 2 at Denver Broncos

This week the guys choose to believe the weather delay never ended.

Flanny and Cope begin a sad but necessary postmortem by floating their general ideas about what might have gone wrong during the butt-whoopin’ by Denver (2:50). Then they go into a more detailed game wrap-up, first covering the disappointing offensive showing (7:36) and then the potentially panic-inducing defensive performance (24:53). They’re able to dredge up a mutual pick for Star of the Week (34:00) and quickly touch on injuries and transactions (34:27) before gladly burying this game and moving on to preview this Monday night’s matchup with Arizona (36:30). Game predictions (43:54), NFC East Watch (46:43), and Enders (48:47) bring this week’s show to a close.

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